Full Stack Web Developer

From Miami, Florida


ReactJs, Shippo API, Ruby on Rails, MySql, Devise gem, CSS

This Full Stack site groups different packaging services like UPS, FEDEX and USPS and provides full packaging labels and information.


ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Yelp API

Site built to provide users with location and details on nearest bars, using the yelp API


NextJs, CSS, API

Using an API I found From Mathdroid i was able to build a simple covid fact page displaying information from different regions

aereli Art

Gatsby, React, Graphql,

Personal artwork queried from datasource using Graphql built on a Gatsby framework to load images a lighting fast speed, using lazy load.


Vanilla JS, HTML, CSS

Simple tip calculator for partys of any size using Pure Vanilla Javascript


React, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Selects a random student from the wyncode cohort36 Api.

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